Dr. Upton completed a book on private rehabilitation. This book entitled Private Rehabillitation:Evolving Opportunities was printed in January 2011. This textbook examines the historical roots, the development, and current status of private rehabilitation. There are several hands-on chapters that rehabilitation counselors can examine to decide if private rehabilitation counseling is a career specialty they would like to pursue. This book is a valuable resource for understanding the intricacies of this specialization in rehabilitation.

This book can be purchased through Aspen Professional Services and by contacting Dr. Jason Andrew at Aspen Proffessional Services by email, jandrew@socket.net, or on his cell phone at 573.286.0418

Some professionals have expressed interested in participating in training specifically geared toward forensic rehabilitation skills. If this is an interest of yours or you have any questions about this book, please contact me directly at my business office at 618.453.6666 or by email tupton1130@gmail.com. Thank you.

Thomas D. Upton, Ph.D, CRC